In 1988 Dr. Dweck sparked interest in researching mindsets by showing that those who believe their abilities are malleable (i.e. have a “growth mindset”) are more likely to embrace challenges and persist despite failure than those who view their abilities as non-changeable (i.e. “fixed mindset”).  Growth mindset (GM) students seek out better feedback, persist for longer, cope better with transitions and develop better self-regulation. GM reduces stress in students, promotes wellbeing and emotional functioning, improves self-esteem, learning orientation, reduces helplessness and is linked with grit and pro-social behaviours. Research supports the idea that educator mindsets may influence the way they respond to students, which in turn has an impact on the students’ outcomes.

This project aims at developing GM by university level teaching personnel (university educators) and consequently their students. GM is an evidence-based teaching practice, which improves the quality of teaching regardless the level of education.

Long term benefits and sustainability of the include: the developed IO and content will be publicly available online in five languages, ensuring that interested parties can access them after the project ends. Developed courses and workshops can be carried out in the future, reaching a larger number of teachers and students. Teachers that will be involved in the project will continue to use their gained knowledge for future generations of students, reaching hundreds of students in each country and extending the GM.