Our Project on UMFST Live

💡GROWTHWMINDS project implemented by UMFST “G.E. Palade ”provides a framework for the continuous training of university teachers aiming at developing a flexible way of thinking 🧠 of students.
🎯You can find out about GROWTH MINDSET, how flexible thinking can be developed and what its benefits are, as well as details about project activities in a new edition of Business Leaders.


Student Seminar in UMFST

” 👩‍🎓👨‍🎓Students of the Faculty of Economics and Law, from the University of Medicine, Pharmacy, Science and Technology of Targu MURES, Romania, participated on Tuesday, April 27, 2022, in the workshop “FLEXIBLE THINKING” VS. FIXED THINKING ”organized within the Erasmus + project #GROWTHMINDS, under the coordination of assoc. Prof. Dr. Daniela Ștefănescu, Vice Rector of the University, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mihaela Kardos.
The event was an opportunity for students:
📚 to become familiar with these concepts, comparing the two types of thinking;
🔎 to evaluate their own way of thinking;
👍 find out how to develop a growth mindset and benefits for their future success!”


CPD Course in Balıkesir University

GrowthMinds continuous professional development (CPD) course held in Necatibey Educational Faculty by Balıkesir University. 

Eighteen tertiary educators attended the 40 hours face to face learning activity between 21 February to 4 March 2022.   


3rd STST

The third STST was held on Nov 24, 25, and 26, in 2021. The teaching activity summarized all the previous activities in the project and opened the gate for transferring knowledge among partner organizations.

The event featured three keynotes with workshops:

  1. Barbara Hanfstingl: “Some background and news about growth mindset indicators.” The presentation focused on critical aspects that reflect a growth mindset, such as attributional style, knowledge about metacognition, or achievement orientation.
  2. Florian Müller: “Self-determination Theory meets Growth Mind – Growth Mind meets self-determination Theory.” The lecture introduced one of the most prominent motivation theories, the self-determination theory (SDT), and built conceptual bridges to the concept of a growth mindset.
  3. Gabriele Frankl: “Didactics to go, didactic to grow”. This keynote with integrated workshops provided many ideas and examples of how to foster problem-solving skills, creativity, the ability to be a lifelong learner, and self-determination, to name a few.


An important part was the group feedback session on the submitted best-practice examples. Here, small groups of participants carefully read the presented examples and gave feedback based on specific criteria which were also discussed and developed within the workshop. The aim was to give the authors feedback on their work and assess the examples’ quality and suitability for the best-practice compendium.


2th STST

The second STST of the project was held between 27-29 September 2021 with 17 participants.
In the training 7 workshop has made.
“Online Pedagogy for an Effective Distance Education: Tactics and Tools”
“H5P fundamentals”
“Application & Integration of H5P within teaching and learning”
“Creating Online Course Content Using Adobe Captivate”
” Pedagogical and Technological Competencies for Distance Teaching”
“Quality of Distance Courses, Toolkits. “
“Interactive Tool: Nearpod
“Developing learning materials based on Growth Mindset”