The third STST was held on Nov 24, 25, and 26, in 2021. The teaching activity summarized all the previous activities in the project and opened the gate for transferring knowledge among partner organizations.

The event featured three keynotes with workshops:

  1. Barbara Hanfstingl: “Some background and news about growth mindset indicators.” The presentation focused on critical aspects that reflect a growth mindset, such as attributional style, knowledge about metacognition, or achievement orientation.
  2. Florian Müller: “Self-determination Theory meets Growth Mind – Growth Mind meets self-determination Theory.” The lecture introduced one of the most prominent motivation theories, the self-determination theory (SDT), and built conceptual bridges to the concept of a growth mindset.
  3. Gabriele Frankl: “Didactics to go, didactic to grow”. This keynote with integrated workshops provided many ideas and examples of how to foster problem-solving skills, creativity, the ability to be a lifelong learner, and self-determination, to name a few.

An important part was the group feedback session on the submitted best-practice examples. Here, small groups of participants carefully read the presented examples and gave feedback based on specific criteria which were also discussed and developed within the workshop. The aim was to give the authors feedback on their work and assess the examples’ quality and suitability for the best-practice compendium.